Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Is it with me you are angry
is it for me you are uneasy
is it possible to possess love
is it possible to taste the delights of love

I am as wretched as yourself
I will not say without desires
can we avoid feeling an anxious
can ever man be so happy
if only once in my life
only an innocent life
only a quiet life
a heart once haughty

What then is become
our friendship and confidence
what means have I lost them
I ought and will be just to you
how much less will you lose
how much do your amiable disposition
how much do your gentle disposition
how much do your inexhaustible goodness of the heart
how much do your frankness and amiable virtues
how much do your other amiable virtues
compensate for your foibles

What emotion in our first embrace
the lively dreams I felt
the tears of joy
the tears of tenderness
the tears I frequently shed
the soul and body
they do not suffer together
they endure separate inconveniences

My life and health
in the cares you exhort me to take
you hold my tears
as cheap in the pain you give men
why have not I had reason
to shed them more frequently

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