Thursday, August 14, 2008


What a devoid I felt in my heart
everything I sow carried to my heart
I was passionate
I must have been suffocated
I felt bewildered
I was intoxicated
the whole charm of mystery
every sense absorbed in ecstasy
an impression so lively
peace and leisure joy and simplicity
the ardent love I bear to great virtues
the innate benevolence I cherish
truth and justice I felt so proud to follow
the rules of wisdom the rules of honor
there is nothing great there is nothing good
can enter the heart of man
how many mistakes would reason be preserved
how many vices would be stifled in their birth
the allurement of pleasure
pride had as much share
I became infatuated with virtue
I became what I appeared to be
the most noble pride take roots among ruins
the horror in which I hold evil of every kind

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