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The age in which we live is seductive in every sense of the word. Every kind of promise tries to seduce us to love the goods and experiences on offer. Deception of every kind abounds, from exaggerated adverts, to love songs which deceive us into thinking that immorality will heal our broken hearts. The modern age preys on inner emptiness and loneliness.
Our culture encourages people to reason and work their way through with goals for sex, power and money. Many exist to simply acquire power and possessions. This is represented in what they call 'the dream' which may be summarized in the words 'more, bigger and better.'
Broken-heartedness often looks for comfort in the wrong places. Sex promises instant gratification, along with an illusion that it will solve problems across the board. After those few minutes of emotional comfort and physical sensation little consolation remains from what in reality was the compounding of your problems. It does not matter if nobody else on earth knows, because immorality extends our own inner disjuncture.
Out of the context of marriage, sex becomes addictive in a very harmful way. Progress of this addiction craves more sensation and so pushes into greater promiscuity and may be followed by perversions and the use of drugs to heighten sensation. This wreaks havoc in a person's character. Ability to trust in personal relationships is devastated. Loneliness and isolation increase and character defects, which may have started the process in the first place, become compounded and far more complicated.
Many of our leaders in our society are operating as wounded children, run by their addictions to approval, sex, power and control. Few truly healthy individuals want to put themselves through what a politician has to go through to run for office - the verbal abuse both given and received, the huge amounts of money spent, the integrity sacrificed through the concessions, lies and manipulations offered in order to win. Our system of electing our officials is so corrupt that there is little possibility of attracting a person with a strong, personally responsible, integrious loving adult. Few people of integrity are willing to put themselves through what they have to go through to win. This is not to say that none of our elected representatives are honest and caring. There certainly are many, but they are, unfortunately, a minority.
A wounded child-adult who desires approval and power is very available to corruption. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Power corrupts when what a person wants is power over others, and few people have done the healing they need to do to be beyond the desire for control over others. If a loving adult was in office and was much more concerned with serving the people than with getting re-elected, much could be accomplished, as in the movie Dave. In this movie, the actual president is in a coma and the people in charge don't want the public to know because they want to maintain control, so they put a look-alike into the president's seat. Dave, however, is a man of heart, and rather than allowing himself to be controlled, he sets about making changes - cutting money where it is not needed and putting it into child care and the creation of jobs. He even takes responsibility for the corruption of the actual president and gracefully "dies" as the actual president is dying so the vice-president, a man of great integrity who was much maligned by the power structure, could take over in his rightful place. The movie is, of course, a fantasy. We would never elect a man of such integrity - a straightforward, honest, caring, and financially poor man like Dave. The powers behind the throne would never allow it.
(Power and Politics - Addiction to Sex and Power? by Margaret Paul, Ph.D. at
Although money in itself arouses many emotions, including admiration, we tend to despise the people in possession of it. We suspect them of having come by it unfairly, of somehow not being “worthy” of their own wealth. The popular animus against the rich is inscribed in our cultural narrative as surely as is our curiosity about them.
So where do we go from here? Are we destined to become a society of plutocrats, ensnared by the lure of filthy lucre even as we hold our noses at the stench of ill-gotten gains?
(The Rich Aren’t Like You and Me… BY Daphne Merkin at
There will always be someone that has more money, a bigger house, a newer car and cooler toys. We convince ourselves that if we could just have a few of those things we would be happy, the race would be over and we would be content.
But, it never happens. Even when we get the house of our dreams, soon a new neighbor moves in next door and builds a castle that would make the Royal Family jealous. And the cycle continues. Soon we find ourselves consumed by money, the slave, rather than the master.
Tolstoy once wrote a short story concerning greed in which a man named Pahom was given a wonderful, but unusual, opportunity to acquire some land. For a thousand rubles he was told that starting at sunrise he could walk around as large an area of land as he wanted and by nightfall, if he had reached his starting point, he would be given the amount of land his path had encircled.
Driven by his lust for land, Pahom rushed far away from his starting point, trying to gain more land than he could handle and ignoring signs that perhaps he was going too far. At the end of the day, the sun begins to set and Pahom attempts to rush back, realizing the seriousness of his error. But he is too late and drops dead a very short distance from his starting point, just as the sun sets. The story then reads, “His servant picked up the spade and dug a grave long enough for Pahom to lie in, and buried him in it. Six feet from his head to his heels was all he needed.”
Like Pahom, we often get caught up by the desire to add more, but in the end greed costs more than it gains.
(3 Man Killers: Money by Schaefer at
A proverb told the tale of a young man who found himself walking down the street of the town’s seductress. On cue she came out of her house to meet him as he passed by; she was dressed in revealing clothing and explained that her husband was away on business. “Come in, let’s enjoy ourselves ’til morning,” she offered. With her smooth words and seductive tone she got him to come inside. The proverb ended with the following words:
All at once he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter, like a deer stepping into a noose till an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life.
He was so foolish to go inside the house when he knew full well what was going to happen. No, he was foolish the second that he stepped down her street.
Don’t take a single step down the road to being unfaithful. Don’t go to a “friendly” lunch with your secretary; don’t stay late at work chatting with your female co-worker; don’t exchange personal emails and text messages with your wife’s friend.
But it takes more to keep yourself on the right track than simply avoiding the obvious physical, tangible enticements. Everywhere a man turns there is another advertisement, another movie or commercial with a scantily-clad beauty daring us to pursue her. Pornography, specifically, has become more and more rampant as men are able to view it on the computer and in the privacy of their own home. Don’t even take a step down the road to fantasizing about someone else.
(3 Man Killers: Sex by Schaefer at
Sex, power and money have always been closely intertwined both ideologically and biologically. Women have always tried to increase the attractiveness of their sex in order to gain power over men and better their chances at economic security. Women’s modern day obsession with cosmetics and cosmetic surgery demonstrate this well. Men have always sought out power and economic security in order to gain access to the opposite sex. Men’s modern day obsession with status symbols such as fancy cars, big guns, and jumbo jets are also well known. But, there are two conflicting ideologies that govern this worldly trinity and these are mutual satisfaction and sadomasochism.
Sadomasochism tends to be the dominating ideology simply because it is a system of dominance and submission. Sadists get pleasure from causing pain, and masochists get pleasure from being caused pain. In this system, men dominate over women and children, the powerful dominate over the powerless, and the rich dominate over the poor. This is the essence of the neo-conservative agenda, and this is why they are afraid of changes. They are afraid that the tables will turn, and they will end up on the submissive, weaker, painful side. They do not even acknowledge the possibility of mutual satisfaction.
Mutual satisfaction is the change we need in our ideologies and political practices. Equality, justice, harmony, and win-win situations are all synonymous with mutual satisfaction.
(Sex, Power and Money: Mutual Satisfaction vs. Sadomasochism by Nellieyah at

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