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Have you ever met a person who behaves as if he is the greatest person on earth ever? Have you ever worked with a person who pretends that you are only an error-prone “mere mortal” whereas he is the most sublime creation of the divinity? Have you ever seen someone who never wants to move away from his own area of expertise & keeps perfecting those expertises secretly so that they can “perform” them in front of public?
If you have managed to experience at least one of the situations as mentioned above most likely you already had the opportunity of coming across an “Arrogant” person. In the entire discussion to follow our focus would be on the word “Arrogant”. This is important to discuss because generally arrogant people have a negative impact on the social fabric. We shall try to detect and understand arrogant people.
More than likely, you have met people during your lifetime who possess an arrogant behavior. For some reason, these people tend to look down on others while putting themselves on a pedestal. Now, there is nothing wrong with having self-esteem and self-confidence but when those character traits cross the line to an unhealthy sense of self-worth, something is wrong. In fact, some people are so arrogant that they are cruel to other people and unfortunately, they do not care who gets in the way of them promoting self. Keep in mind that when talking about an arrogant behavior, this person constantly acts in an unhealthy way, meaning he or she is not just somewhat vain or conceited. You will actually find arrogant people make a lot of presumptions and claims, as well as bold statements about how important they are. In addition, when trying to point out something these people did wrong or even a character flaw, the immediate reaction is to become extremely defensive. After all, in those people’s minds, they are perfect so there is no way they would fail at something.
It is important to know that while arrogant behavior is unattractive, the reasons behind it are not always what you might think. The most common reasons that people act this way is because of power and wealth, beauty and youth, status and prestige, and intelligence and education. However, some people behave with arrogance out of fear, insecurity, unhappiness, doubt, past tragedies, etc. In these cases, the arrogance is a way of trying to feel better about one’s self but unfortunately, at the expense of others. However, we wanted to touch briefly on the more common reasons for arrogant behavior:
• Power and Wealth – When a person has power and wealth, an arrogant behavior is relatively common. Typically, this type of behavior is seen in people who come from an affluent or famous home, or someone from old money. In this case, there is a sense of entitlement. Now, arrogance can also breed from newfound power and wealth but often a person with a “rags to riches” story appreciates what they have gained and remembers where they came from so arrogance is not as much of an issue. A prime example is many young people in Hollywood who have come from well-known homes. Sadly, these people grow up feeling they have more and better things than anyone else does so it allows them to behave badly.
• Beauty and Youth – An arrogant behavior is also commonly associated with someone who has exceptional beauty and youth. Although there are millions of gorgeous, young people who appreciate what they have been blessed with, others take these qualities for granted. However, along with both beauty and youth fading over time, a car accident, house fire, or some other tragedy could take that away.
• Status and Prestige – In this case, holding a high position in a company, being a political leader, or living the movie star life can also lead to an arrogant behavior. While these people have worked hard to achieve their position in life, with all the benefits and monetary gain that comes from having status and prestige, arrogance is often the result.
• Intelligence and Education – If someone is naturally intelligent, or has achieved a higher level of understanding through years of education, an arrogant behavior is often the result. In this case, the person has allowed pride of know more create a sense of importance that is simply unhealthy. Education is always a good choice but after earning multiple Master’s degrees or PhD, this type of person should put the knowledge to good use rather than see themselves as being above others.
Sadly, people with an arrogant behavior have created an overinflated sense of pride, which results in ongoing boasting and the “know it all” attitude. Instead of this making that person more liked or respected, it turns other people off, causing them to lose interest. Because of this, it is also common for people who are highly arrogant to have few real friends and usually, those friends are also arrogant or they are only true friends to the person’s face. Arrogant behavior is not only unhealthy and unattractive but it can lead to a long life of loneliness.
Truly humble people are satisfied in the fact that they are not proud. Of course, many conceited people have a lot to be humble about people “control for input”. We all want feedback telling us we’re important and worthy. Large sums are spent to procure colossal-sized SUV’s and wardrobes lined with chic and swank labels. Laurence J. Peter saw two types of egotists: Those who admit it… and the rest of us.
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Those who are conceited or arrogant really have low self-esteem because they put a low value on others. If they think other people have a low value, they must also believe that they have a low value too - even if they do not realize it. Those who attempt to build themselves up by pushing other people down would only want to do that because of self-doubt. They do it to gain 'social proof' that they are more valuable or important and thus they do not take kindly to criticism. Yet if you know you already have a high value, then you do not need build yourself up and so will not feel the need to push others down. Criticism will not affect you because you know that it is only an opinion and does not affect the truth. Thus you are self-confident, self-assured and secure. You have self-respect because you respect others. You have high self-esteem.
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Egotists are essentially insecure people who are attempting to cover up their own suspicion that they are not quite as good as other people by pretending that they are more important. People with very high levels of self-esteem do not need to determine their self-worth by comparing themselves, either publicly or in their own minds, with others. An egotistical person's sense of self-worth is mostly determined by external conditions, circumstances or events. They promote themselves so that they can be convinced of their own value by the feedback they receive from peers, fans, voters, employees or even their own children. They often strive to be high achievers because they can then get the acclaim of others, in the hope that this acclaim will somehow prove their worth; though it seldom erases the suspicion that they are unworthy. It is not a bad thing to be egotistical; it is just sad.
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There is nothing more arrogant, more self-boasting, and haughtier and more cock than a human being. Humans dress up make obeisance to one another and think they are very intelligent, very knowledgeable; everyone takes himself for Aristotle, for Julius Caesar and Einstein. No exception to the rule. There is nothing more presumptuous than man himself, thinking that he is the wisest of beings and looks at others as utter shit. Why the scoundrel bastard, he is the most ignorant of all creatures. He knows nothing, simply nothing. His knowledge can say where his atoms came from? Who put them together? And why should he be in his form and shape color and structure? Why should he function in one way and not the other? Where did the universe in which he lives in, comes from? Why should he be there like a lemon on a tree? The lemon has more functions and more advantages than man and his shitty race. The lemon stands there to serve and give life, while man wants to be served and takes life whenever it is possible.
Have a look at the Pharaohs, kings, Sultans, Emirs, presidents (such self-boasters and self-worshippers, empty of everything except shit, like, you name it and other big shits). Have a look at nation levels and states, ‘Deutchland uber al', Germany above all, with Hitler, have considered themselves over all humans; the Japanese did the same, the Italians did the same. In older times the British and the French did the same self-boasting cock. The Spaniards, Portuguese and Dutch before and then the Ottomans, then the Arabs, Persians and Romans, Jews, Assyrians, Babylonians, Sumerians, Hittites and the Pharaohs. Nowadays, ‘we are the best and better than everybody else', is practiced by many, and a little while before the Soviets, then the Chinese Giant of Gog and Magog shall take place of better race and better humans than the others, alongside the Hindus. Then, maybe it is the turn of the Africans or the South Americans. No one misses this chance of being better.
Man reaches the moon and discovers the DNA Charts but cannot even heal himself from a common cold. He has made so many discoveries but he is unable with all the progress of scientific knowledge to stop his ageing one day or to postpone his death one hour once he is gone. His mind is so limited and so weak that he cannot stay without sleep for few days. He cannot stay without drinking for more than four days, he dies, the poor guy. He is unable to create one simple tiny little and invisible atom, of any sort. He cannot bring back to life a dead fly or a dead worm. He cannot even create a leaf of a vine tree. His limited to what he is, to his body, to his psychological stimulus-response, to his mental incapacities and to his spiritual handicaps. No way he has accessibility to ultimate knowledge, his presence and the presence of everything around him. He does not understand it, the imbecile. He has no access to his origin, except for Darwin to explain for him his origin. Well, the beast is contended with this genius explanation. He denies God his creator for he does not see God and cannot prove His existence.
Look around you! and you see nothing but cocks, parrots and peacocks. From your neighbor to your green grocer, the café owner, the local policeman, the mayor, the governor, the president, a rich man, a poor man, a scientist, a teacher, a sudden or what have you, all are arrogant boasters. You feel you are in front of generals and world leaders listening to their wisdom and knowledge. Have you ever tried to scratch the surface and see whether you are scraping gold, silver or zinc! They are all gold; some are platinum, as they think themselves to be. Whoever you talk to he, or she, takes an arrogant air of one who knows everything and you are nothing but a cockroach. They even make you feel as such. You talk to the local green grocer about China economic policies, and he seems to know everything about it. He has all his theories and how the Gog and Magog are out to control the world in a very short time. But his knowledge of US dominance in the world is more astonishing for he vouched that every Muslim in the world ought to be eliminated for being a born terrorist. Well, the green grocer must have hated Ben Ladden for destroying the Twins of World Commercial Centre in New York and that every Muslim now is a confirmed terrorist. When asked about Obama, he retorted, it is great to see the white America being dominated by an African Muslim Negro. He even mentioned that petrol should not be in the hands of the Arabs for fear they would raise up the prices of petrol and his grocery van would suffer the consequences. Well, not bad for a green grocer!
But seriously, from the time of the Pharaoh Ramsis II to the present time many leaders, no arrogant has equaled these great men of genius and knowledge. However, if we look into the real price of a human being then we are faced with a drastic fact of the local market costs namely less than a Dollar. Being made of some cheap metals, few grams of calcium, potassium and sodium, and the rest is 90% of ocean water, then the bill amounts to one Dollar, nearly, depending on the mass of human flesh you are discussing. But humans are arrogant haughty boasters. Ask anyone his opinion about anything, from Darwin to the local price of radishes, he would all know it. But the air he, or she, takes for his, or her ,knowledge is amazing. What the hell! Why can't we be humble and modest? Why should we be so arrogant and so boastful, and for what? We all have eyes and ears and an arsehole. When billionaires, presidents and kings, not to forget queens, go to the toilet they do not exactly lay golden eggs. When they die they do not take with them anything, but dirty cotton sticking in their bottoms. So where is the difference between humans and why be arrogant and self-conceited?
We know nothing, not even the greatest of scientists of all knows, about matter, atoms, where do they come from, who made them in their shape, why should be in their shape. We know nothing about our origin, how did we come about, our presence and our end. Humans eat up one another. They snatch your bite from your mouth and do not hesitate to stick a knife in your back and trot on you to advance in life. Man's arrogance and self-conceited haughtiness has made him blind to see God, arrogant to worship God and bow down to Him in recognition and gratitude.....
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